Tubal Obstruction and Ways to Pregnancy

Infertility Issues and Pregnancy

There are a lot of people who believe that motherhood completes a woman. Although, not everybody does; but, most women do especially if, they want to build a family to complete the bond. There has been a lot of speculation that in order to become pregnant, one should be totally healthy and at the right age to get pregnant naturally and have a healthy baby.

However, there has been a lot of research that proves that even if you have some health issues, you can still be pregnant naturally to a healthy baby, even if you have tubal blockage.

One of the most common female infertility issues is caused by the fallopian tube or tubal blockage. Now, let me first describe fallopian tubes. These are two tubes, which is located on both side of the uterus. Normally, in a monthly period the one of the ovaries will release a mature egg. The fallopian tube acts as the passage of matured eggs from the ovary down to the uterus.

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During this time, when a sexual intercourse happens, the sperms from the cervix will swim through the uterus, to the fallopian tube. There, fertilization occurs. However, when there is no sperm to meet the egg, the egg will go to uterus. The obstruction will prevent the egg from passing through the tube and be able to meet with the sperms or vice versa.

However, with the fast medical development, tubal blockage is no longer a problem because it can be opened. Surgery is much needed to open your blocked fallopian tube, and from there, you will have a greater chance to get pregnant.

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Here, are some natural ways to increase your chance of getting pregnant

  1. Charting is the best way to know your ovulation cycle. Ovulation is the first sign of fertility. This is the best time to have sex around this time.
  2. It is advisable to have sex as often as possible during the fertility cycles; at least you should do it every two days. In this manner, you will allow good volume of sperm to be released during sexual intercourse. This is especially true when the male partner has low sperm count.
  3. If you have wanted to have a baby and yet you still miss the chance because you often miss your fertility period; then, it is advisable that you invest on a fertility monitor. The monitor can read your ovulation period through your saliva; the good news is it is absolutely accurate. The monitor is user-friendly and doubles your chance of getting pregnant.
  4. Ensure that your vagina is sperm friendly. Avoid douching and vaginal lubricant. This chemical would hinder a healthy sperm to get a chance to swim forward to meet an egg.
  5. It is very important that you strictly maintain a healthy diet, which will allow you to increase your fertility mucus production. Dairy and wheat products are foods that you should avoid since it will just thicken your vaginal mucus.
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Nevertheless, all these tips may be very helpful, but it is often important that you have the best of health to conceive a healthy baby.

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