Learn How a Workaholic Mom Kissed Goodbye To Infertility

Being a workaholic woman greatly affects the capability to get pregnant. Stress plays a big role in affecting one’s chance of getting pregnant. Extreme stress may have an effect on fertility by leading to long term problem with bearing a child. For instance, you might have undergone a late period throughout a strangely stressful moment. Nevertheless, that’s only one period.

If you have been advised to relax, you ought to know that a vacation alone is not enough to treat your infertility. But, stress alone is not the only factor that affects chances of getting pregnant. This also includes your age and health. But, there are ways to increase fertility in women despite being workaholic and late age period of bearing a child.

Getting Enough Sleep

A workaholic person may not find herself to be having enough sleep. Having a work schedule that leads to late nights, along with early wake-up calls can build a constant lack of sleep, which affects your body and fertility. Studies show that getting less than 5 hours of sleep may lead a person to obesity which in return causes issues with fertility. Even graveyard shifts cause infertility. Another research has proved that being a night-shift worker increases the probability of getting miscarriage. It also leads an irregular menstruation in some women. And, one of the risk factor for fertility problems is irregular menstruation.

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Avoiding the night shift if possible and having enough sleep at night may help develop your likelihood of getting pregnant. To improve your good sleeping habits, create a bedtime routine and stick with it. Avoid checking email before going to bed. Keep away from consuming caffeine in the late afternoon and evening. Drink a cup of herbal tea before sleep and keep your bedroom without work and TV.


Healthy and moderate exercise is a superior natural fertility treatment. Combining balance and nutritious diet with exercise maintains a healthy body weight. Exercise will burn off excess fat that causes fertility by letting hormone levels go back to normal. Try low impact aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling and walking.

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Eliminating Certain Food Items

Aside from stress, age also affects chances of getting pregnant. Fertility at 40 is not impossible if you will only consider healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and healthy foods. For this case, there are some habits and stuffs you need to avoid if you really desire having a child.

Caffeine is one of the hardest things to eliminate, especially when you are used to it. If you always consume latte, it will be hard to get rid of it from your diet. But you must know that moderate to heavy caffeine use is capable of decreasing your chances of bearing a child by up to 50%.

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The risks of smoking and alcohol have been talked for a long time. That is why women must eradicate both when they are pregnant. However, stopping the habit before pregnancy is way better for bigger chances of conceiving. Smoking reduces levels of estrogen, including poor cervical fluid. Alcohol increase prolactin levels, which holds back ovulation and causes infertility.

Aspartame is found in various sweeteners such as Equal and NutraSweet and various sugar-free foods. Once it enters the body, aspartame becomes very toxic. Aspartame causes a negative effect on each reproduction stage. Moreover, it can also destroy the fetus by triggering an immune response and leads to miscarriage.

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