How Do I Know If I am Fertile Enough to Get Pregnant

Am I Fertile Enough to Get Pregnant ?

First Words: In case you are wanting to get pregnant, then you will sleep to make sure that the sperm and egg will unite properly. Although this process can be tricky, only one egg was released every month and this procedure is also known as ovulation. As soon as the egg released, it needs to be fertilized for being pregnant. In this article, we will give you the details about confirming the fertilization of your egg to get pregnant.

Guidelines for Confirming the Fertility to get Pregnant:

These are the following guidelines for confirming the fertility of an egg to get Pregnant. Follow these following guidelines for the successful pregnancy.

  1. Calendar Markings:

As per the doctors, you need to populate everyday especially during the five days of ovulation. This procedure is also described by the doctors as “Fertile Window”. The best method is to deliver the sperms before the egg gets released, as promised having survival limit of a few days inside the uterus. The normal menstrual cycle usually lasts for 28 days, so most likely the ovulation date will be on the 14th day. So basically the “Fertile Window” will start from the 10th day, so it is recommended to get pregnant and have sex every day between the 10th and 14th day.

  1. Body Changes Observation:

While you are having a menstrual cycle, your hormonal levels are most likely to change. Ovaries produce estrogen hormone, once the level of the estrogen hormone becomes high then the egg was released by the ovary. Another hormone also starts secreting which is known as progesterone, the effects of the hormone is to raise the body temperature. You need to track down your basal body temperature, it is basically the procedure of taking the temperature of your body before you get out of the bed. In case everything is happening correctly then you will not is the pattern of body temperature, this happens when you ovulate. Plan your pregnancy according to the temperature chart.

  1. Ovulation Predictor Kit:

There is it called Ovulation Predictor Kit, which you can get from any local drug store in your area. Basically, uses the urine test to measure the level of luteinizing hormone (LH). It is normal to have a high level of luteinizing hormone in the 24 to 36 hours before you start to ovulate. This kit basically gives you the activate Idea about the fertile window. This kit provides multiple testing strips which can be used multiple times during the menstrual cycle.

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Last Words:

Being pregnant is one of the best initial stages of motherhood for every woman. But every woman needs to ready for being pregnant in order to deliver a healthy and safe baby. In this article, we have provided complete information about the fertilization of the egg and the pregnancy from various medical journals on the internet. Share this medical information with other upcoming mothers, so that she gets to plan the step of the motherhood.

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